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Laser cutting with workbench 3x2 mt

We have 2 latest generation laser machines with workbenches from 1.500x2.000 mm to 3.000x2.000 mm. We perform all types of cuts, even high thicknesses, and all kinds of incisions.

Cad/Cam 3D design

We develop your ideas and realize them thanks to the creative phase and the production of cutting files, engraving, printing, CNC development and 3D files.

Traditional and UV gluing

We are specialized in all kinds of traditional gluing or with the latest generation UV bench for every type of aesthetic need.


We provide the turning service for tubes and blocks, in addition to the traditional milling, CNC, planar multi-tool pantograph for plastics, wood and technical materials. We also offer both laser and mechanical engravings on milling machines or pantographs.

CNC processing (2D, 3D)

We are specialized in traditional and pantograph milling, moreover, we have the possibility to provide communication and technical material in polystyrene milled with a 3D robotic arm.

Hot bending

We provide a hot bending service up to 3 mm of light.

Hot forming

We produce milled moulds in wood and polystyrene for the hot forming of materials such as methacrylate and polycarbonate. This processing takes place through our large format heating oven.

Digital print

We provide indirect digital printing on any type of material and on adhesive PVC.


We carry out both manual and mechanical polishing of methacrylate parts and components.

Screen printing

We provide indoor and outdoor screen printing on any type of plastic support.

Our materials

Direct or made-to-order sales dei principali materiali plastici e affini, come Plexiglass, Lexan, Policarbonati, PVC, PET, PETG etc. Tutti i materiali sono disponibili in lastre, tubi, barre, blocchi, standard e su misura. Inoltre, poniamo particolare attenzione ai materiali ecosostenibili. In our catalogue, we have included the new material Plexiglass Green Cast to be able to offer innovative solutions with a low environmental impact. Our goal, therefore, is the constant search for environmentally sustainable materials because we believe it is important to reduce non-reusable plastic waste.

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